Pre-cut architectural cardboard models for children and adults


A simple slot together cardboard construction making an attractive three dimentional model

Each model comes with an extras sheet for you to cut out and colour in

There are eight models in the range


The Medieval Castle

C.1300: 1154 – 1485 was the period known as the Middle Ages, a time of epic battles over the English throne during the War of the Roses...

410 x 560 x 215mm

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The Fortified Manor

C.1400: Fortified manor houses became increasingly popular during the later Middle Ages and were more comfortable than cold...

410 x 190 x 245mm

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Tudor period house

The Tudor House

The Tudor Period: 1485 – 1603 was the time of King Henry VIII and his infamous six wives, and the equally famous Queen Elizabeth I...

188 x 230 x 412mm

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The Georgian House

1714 to 1830 was the era of Jane Austen, fine living and elegant architecture, and started with the reign of King George I...

232 x 102 x 465mm

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The Victorian House

1830 – 1900: Rows of terraced houses lined Britain’s roads in Victorian times with their front rooms, real fires and outside toilets...

280 x 140 x 430mm

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The Victorian Farm

C.1840: The seemingly idyllic life of a Victorian farmer was hard work with lots of manual labour and horse-drawn ploughs...

430 x 430 x 155mm

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The Watermill

C.1880: This watermill would have been built during the reign of Queen Victoria and its large wheel used to gain power...

305 x 230 x 340mm

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The Windmill

C.1920: Converting wind into energy through its sails these iconic buildings were used to pump water and mill grain...

410 x 305 x 550mm

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