Peter Frost Design is a family run partnership specialising in cardboard engineering. Our prime work has been point of sale design advertising for companies such as Kodak, Cadbury’s and Mattel.

In the early 1980s we designed eight ‘Slot-together’ models inspired by visits to National Trust properties. However, as our prime work of point of sale design advertising grew the models were discontinued after a few years.

The models were primarily designed to entertain children during wet holidays away from home. It seemed sensible to be able to build the models without the need for glue, tape or scissors which on holiday are not always readily available. However, the ‘extras’ pages do require scissors and some require glue. Now, with the advent of grandchildren, we have resurrected, redesigned and renamed the models which now make up the range of eight ‘Archi-types’. Our hope is that another generation of ‘children’ from the ages of eight to eighty plus will enjoy them. Peter & Penny